Maximize the fun, excitement and profitability of your next fundraising event with a gaming package from Savvy Casino Events. We work with you every step of the way to create a unique and successful event that will have everyone in town wanting to attend. We will help take care of all the details in providing administrative and promotional support as you plan your event. With Savvy, creating a truly memorable and fabulous casino night is fun and easy.

Our Monte Carlo packages include regulation size gaming tables, high quality casino chips and best of all energetic, personable, experienced dealers and top-notch casino managers.

The Reno Package

  • 8 Blackjack Tables
  • 1 Pai Gow Poker Table
  • 1 3-Card Poker Table
  • 2 Roulette Wheels
  • 1 Craps Table
  • 1 Pit Boss
  • Accommodates up to 100 guests
    14 tables with 4 hours of play time

The Las Vegas Package

  • 9 Blackjack Tables
  • 1 Pai Gow Poker Table
  • 1 3-Card Poker Table
  • 3 Roulette Wheels
  • 2 Craps Tables
  • 1 Pit Boss
  • Accommodates up to 175 guestse
    17 tables with 4 hours of play time

Add a Texas Hold ‘em Tournament

Raise the limits of revenue at your event and play like the pros with a Texas Hold ‘em Tournament! Everyone can enjoy a Savvy Casino Events tournament as players of all levels experience the fun and excitement of this popular casino game. Tables, chips, cards, dealers and tournament operators included. Each table accommodates 10 players.

"Savvy Casino Events is an extremely fun and professional casino event planner. Our charitable fundraiser was outrageously successful and all of our guest6s are dying to come back next year. I could not have done it without Savvy!"
- Shon Agnew
Hayden Giving Fund Coordinator
Hayden Giving Fund Blackjack Tournament and Casino Night

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